Virtual Reality analysis of the ITER Master-Slave Manipulator System Benchmark (afstudeeropdracht)

vacancy-vr-2Reproduce a specific situation at NRG in a virtual environment.


Recently, Heemskerk Innovative Technology has started to work on Remote Handling Equipment for the experimental fusion reactor ITER. Although the fusion process produces only relatively small amounts of radiation, parts of the reactor near the plasma will become ´too hot´ to handle by hand. The maintenance activities will therefore be done by remote control. The handling capabilities and logistics in the maintenance workshop (the ‘Hot Cell’) have to be carefully planned in order to keep service periods as short as possible. The Master-Slave systems therefore have to be very robust and reliable.

Currently a benchmark test bed for master-slave manipulators is being created at NRG Petten. This test bed can be used to validate simulation software. In order to validate simulation software for operator training, a virtual test case is compared with a real test case.

  1. Reproduce the given situation at NRG in a virtual environment
  2. Then execute the same test set as planned for the real test bed at NRG in virtual reality
  3. After processing the results, compare with real test bed results and draw conclusions
  4. The assignment is finalised with a report (thesis) and a presentation
What we ask
  • An enthusiastic graduate student (HBO/TU WTB, ET, TN, L&R)
  • Interested in robotics and mechatronic systems

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